Saturday, February 23, 2013

Um Momento, Por Favor (Just a Minute, Please)

I must appease the Blog Monster. I have great photos from Judah's birthday and an impressive video of Shawn's masterpiece of an entrance gate being erected by a team of Mozambicans, some visitors, and Shawn, but I pretty much blacked out after Shawn had been gone for 12 days stuck in South Africa and I was here taking care of 3 kids, running a Visitors' Center, and living in Moz. And then, just as I was about to come out of it, the phone rang and told Shawn to hop back on a plane. This time there's a pretty good chance he'll be back in 2 days, but I told him I would be leaving for America March 2 with or without him. Naturally, I sang that part because Bono and I could be best friends, but Shawn understood the gravity of the situation because I only sang it - I didn't dance expressively.

So, my offering tonight is a prize-winning photo from when Shawn was gone. Some of our friends and fellow volunteers took Judah & Luci to a birthday party so I could run man-to-man coverage with Asher. Apparently, a frosting fight broke out and, well, that's the only way to party, I guess.

Judah & Carlito post-frosting fight

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