Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mais e Mais (More and Even More)

In keeping with my theme of random photos this next collection is extra random, but includes a couple of my favorites.

Koo noun/verb/adverb/adjective  \'ku\: The best you can do.
This all-purpose word is generally used with great irony and as the answer to any question having to do with life Mozambique. As in, "The rice & beans taste funny. Why?" Koo.  "What are all these red bumps from?" Koo. "How come it smells like an electrical fire every time I shower?" Koo. "Why does it take 4 months to get a vehicle fixed?" Koo. "Why is Asher wearing only socks?" Trick question - there is no answer for that.
You know that I tore that label off immediately and stuck it right our fridge.
This is why we filter our water.

This was our first rain day. Naturally, that calls for shovels, a trench, and 3 kids trying to pad their resumes with Water Management skills.

This is Rosie (the tiny gray and white kitten in the middle of the green bucket). The short story is, Rosie was abandoned, but the look on Luci's face tells you Rosie has a found a home. Not long after Rosie came into our lives, Luciana announced that she could speak Cat. "When Daddy holds Rosie, she says 'No thank-you.'  But when I hold Rosie she says, 'You're my mom. You're my mom.'" I can't argue with her; I don't speak Cat.

One night, Judah was having a hard time falling asleep so I gave him my phone to have music playing to help him sleep. In the morning he showed me what else he used the phone for. FYI Rasos refers to Russell's, a cafe we occasionally go to.

A more detailed description of what I should accomplish on Judah's birthday.

Now that it's rainy season we've had a chance to find out where the roof leaks. One of the biggest leaks was right above Judah's bed. Shawn fixed that.
We are happy to be in our new house - one that is not literally falling apart - and we installed an AC unit lovingly and graciously given to us by our friends who have moved on to help rescue people trapped in the sex trafficking industry in Costa Rica. I say, "Good luck and thank you!" But, in order to keep Al Gore from personally coming to our house and making us write "We will not use energy in such an offensive and irresponsible manner thereby contributing to a massive waste of resources and life-threatening climate change." 100 times, Shawn installed windows. Also, please note the fancy shelves in the background. Those shelves are courtesy of the salvaged pieces from the screen door on our other house. Since we don't have any decorations to speak of, Shawn was putting the produce he had just bought on the shelves. We have found a few yummy ways to use that pumpkin.
It's rainy season and Judah wanted a rain coat. So he made one.  See what I'm saying - Koo.
Luciana was playing with her friends who live in the neighborhood next to the base, Zaina and Alima, and they helped her carry their bear local-style.
Judah and Luci built a fort. Asher was napping so that's why it was designated as "4+."