Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time for the Impossible to be Possible

I have never had to pack for a family of five to spend ten weeks living in another country - especially a country that doesn't have Target.  Here it is by the numbers:
4 suitcases
44 pounds in each suitcase
4 carry-ons
15 pounds each
53 diapers (that's all I could fit and if it turns out I can't buy more there, some one's potty training early. Really early.)
3 sets of sheets
28 clothes pins
1 plastic pitcher
76 Crystal Lite packets
30 Starbucks Via packets (Thanks, my jungle friend!)
3 rolls of toilet paper
5 long dirt colored skirts
8 pairs of keep-the-mosquitoes-off-of-me leggings
12 pairs of pants, 5 dresses, 15 shirts for Luci.  This little lady can go through the clothes
4 sets of Crocs
5 Twins t-shirts - they're navy blue and Judah likes #7 (Go, Twinkies!)
10 pairs of brown and/or black pants for Asher.  His wardrobe was selected based on a sophisticated crawling:dirt:time ratio.
1 tent
1 sleeping bag
2 hammocks
4 bottles of sunscreen & 4 of bug spray - is that even enough?!?
1 well stocked first aid kit
7 quart baggies stuffed with leak-potential toiletries
5 activity books to keep Judah busy
4 coloring books for Luci
2 sets of watercolor paints 
1 bag of Jolly Ranchers (this may not make the final cut.  The peanut butter was already weeded out.)
And that's just what I can remember off hand.

So, we're pretty much set to take off of Saturday.  We have our passports, our visas approved for the full 70 days (apparently no small miracle in the bureaucratic world), plane tickets, a few places to stay as we travel there and back, a lot of anticipation and expectation, and some butterflies.  Really rowdy butterflies.