Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Quickie

We made it back! It was a travel marathon so it felt good to finally arrive and be done herding kids through airports. We looked like a family of geese - Shawn leading the way and me in the back shooing the stragglers - mostly Asher who had to watch his awesome Superman backpack while he walked. We  had thought we would take the first week to get settled in and fight through jet-lag, but we got back just as the busy season is ramping up, so instead we hit the ground running. Shawn has already done an airport run and an orientation and we've made a long list of things to talk about at our staff meeting on Monday. Thank God we have a staff to have a meeting with; we couldn't do this without them!

Quick kid stories: As soon as we got out of the airport in Pemba (which is now housed in an white event tent as they are demolishing the old terminal and I'm assuming building a new one.) Luciana and Asher found a hole of dirt and had both laid in it and covered themselves in dirt before I had a chance to stop them.  I would have been faster, but my hands were full of Superman backpacks, 3 carry-on suitcases and a purse jam packed with Starbucks and baby wipes. And for Judah - he had been hesitant about coming back to Moz, but when I told him a new family moved into the house right behind ours and that they have 5 boys, he was excited to meet them. Our first morning back, Judah came into our room - bright and early already dressed - and asked if he could go play with the boys. It didn't take them long to organize the Olympics. I'm told Judah placed 2nd in gymnastics. 

I'm a little hesitant to say that this time will be easier/better than our first round, but there hasn't been water since we arrived and so far I haven't threatened to hurt myself or anyone else. I think I have an expanded capacity for what I can handle... I'd like to think that the ceiling I built from September to March is my floor for the next 6 months. Check back in in August when we haven't had water for 2 and 1/2 months and see how positive I sound then.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got in a quick post just to say we're safe and we're sweaty. In other words: perfect.