Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not Much of an Update

Hey, who knew? I still have a blog. This is precisely why I don't have pets and have sent all of my house plants to live at my mom's and my sister's houses. It's any wonder all of my children are still alive and well fed... Mostly.

We are thisclose to going back to Moz. We had a perfect plan and then everyday it seemed that something, everything has intervened to mess up said plan. Seriously, it was a great plan: Spend five days reacquainting ourselves to the Western world where the milk flows like wine (Switzerland), snow-angel my way through Target in preparation to go to my sister's idyllic wedding in Mexico, followed by a fun road-trip to see more family and friends throughout the Midwest, and then pack it all up for another 6 months on the Edge of the Earth. Things were going according to plan right up until the "pack it all up" part. We were a little short of pocket change to foot the bill for plane tickets and there was this little business of Shawn getting amazing opportunity after amazing opportunity to get flight training. Our departure has been delayed indefinitely but with the real possibility that we might leave any given day.  Even in my unsettled life this is getting ridiculous. But, more details aside, it looks like we will finally be going back next week, and not a moment too soon as the CraZY busy season of Pemba is upon us and the Visitors' Center will be like Bethlehem circa 0 A.D.

Let's just say I'm glad I've been slowly gathering necessities with a pile of kitchen things (a new cookie sheet, a make-your-own popsicle mold, and bags of Starbucks coffee), toiletries (one can never have enough bubble gum flavored toothpaste), a small, but effective pharmacy (sooooo much hydrocortisone cream....), and another loaded with miscellaneous items (cribbage board, batteries, a fly swatter. Those flies are going to wish our visa applications had been denied.).  I am like one of the 10 virgins...who has a Red Card.