Monday, July 1, 2013

Stop for the One

I was all ready to write the post of a lifetime. I even did a little rough drafting this morning while being "Grandma" to Luci and Asher's baby papayas (I wish I had a photo or a camera crew filming my soon-to-be-pitched reality show). But we have put the kids in bed and all I can think of are reasons why my time would be better spent laying in bed watching a movie with Shawn. My eyes will be closed; I just took some all natural melatonin.

So here are the good and/or not good reasons why I'm procrastinating just a little bit more:

1. Judah started last night being tested for malaria (negative!) and was up every 30-40 minutes with sickness related needs.
2. When I wasn't up every 30-40 minutes I was in and out of a dream that involved a psychopath trying to frame me and Angelina Jolie for a murder. I was almost grateful to keep waking up so I could take a break from the dream. Plus, I expected Angelina to be better at figuring out how to save us.
3. We don't have water. I get less and less motivated when I can't wash my hands.
4. My blog site is all in Portuguese. Nao bom.
5. My feet are swollen.
6. I'm busy squishing the ants that invade every night.
7. Someone just stopped in for brownies.

Now it's really time to go. Until that melatonin kicks in...