Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 1: We Made It

We are in Mozambique!  This post is going to be brief because it's my first trip to town and Judah sent me with a Whole Foods bag that he said I could fill with cookies.  So, I have work to do, but I wanted to get an update out before my cookie quest began. 

We enjoyed a variety of flights and layovers to get to Pemba, but the kids were amazing and it wasn't until the last five minutes of the last flight that Asher decided he'd had enough.  The good thing with all the traveling and wildly interrupted schedules is that we all adjusted to the 7 hour time difference pretty quickly.  We arrived at the Iris base at night (it gets dark here around 5:30pm) so it wasn't until the next day that we got a chance to see our home for the next 10 weeks.  We are staying in a small house with another family - the Wicars: Zach, Kate, Levi (3 1/2) and Max (2) and a couple, the Thalheimers: John & Cindy (they have a 23 year old son who lives in Texas and they are our house leaders).

The kids love running around with all the other kids here - African or otherwise - and Asher has eaten more sand than most kids do in a lifetime.  Yesterday I saw Luciana making dirt angels outside our house... I am grateful that they allow families to hire a laundry lady! 

Ok, this one is really short, but the upload time is said to be looooong.  Next time I'm going to type it out and then just copy and paste it.  Plus, I have a bag of cookies to buy.  We love you all and can't wait to fill you in on all that's happened in person.  At Starbucks.

BTW: a blind child was healed during a weekend outreach.  He had been born blind and had never walked, but people prayed for him he was healed and he saw his mom for the first time.  Yeah, God!!!


  1. It's so great to hear from you!

    Last week, I was praying for you guys (this was before anyone had any news that you were alright) and I asked God to give me a dream with a "status update" on all of you.

    A few days later, I had a dream that you had made it to Mozambique (yay!), but for some reason the water situation was more stressful than you anticipated. In the dream, you had to pay $50 to get one mug of water out of this one lake that was being regulated by the government. You took the mug of water and you were trying to use it to bath yourself and Luci... Luci wanted nothing to do with it (not surprising, ha).

    Anyways, I don't know what the water thing was all about, I just wanted to share that dream with you. I was happy the Lord showed me you were all okay before we heard it officially :)

    Can't wait to hear more! Love you and happy early birthday!! (If I was in Africa with you, I would make you a birthday mud pie)


  2. Did Luci get the pants I got her dirty already..... :) May your awe of AbbA increase more than imaginable. Love to you! - Lyns

  3. So happy to hear you guys arrived safely! Sounds like Judah has his priorities straight - I just love his heart! Big hugs and kisses to you, Shawn, and the kids!

    And keep the amazing testimonies coming - I can't imagine how that mother and child felt about our God during that outreach. To have your child look on your face for the first time - what a gift!!! Go God!

  4. So Fun!!!!!! Can't wait to read the next update.
    And PS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Friend!

  5. Joy, Wishing you a very special Happy Birthday.I'm so glad that you and Shawn and your 3 made it there safely. May God continue to richly bless the 5 of you as you go on this adventure with Him. You are most certainly people of faith. I look forward to reading your blog.(Romans 8:26-28)
    Love Always, your cousin, Lynn